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Watercress land (Ipomea reptans).

Watercress land (Ipomea reptans).
This land kale can only grow in a dry place. Characteristics that are smaller trunk white and green, its leaves are not thick and softer, if cooked more quickly wilt / cook, and have that clean white flowers.

· Watercress water (Ipomea aquatica).
This water kale can grow in wet areas such as a stream, pond or puddle rice fields. Characteristics that trunk larger, darker green, the leaves are wider and a little harder, longer wilt when cooked and has white flowers that turn pink.

Raising Organic Kale Army way
Water spinach (Ipomoea sp.) Can be grown in lowland and highland .. Kale is a type of leaf vegetable crops, accounting into the family Convolvulaceae. Kale leaves long, whitish green is the source of vit. pro vit. A. According to the grow area, kale differentiated
IDRPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA into two types namely: 1) Kale land, living in a dry reply or moor, and 2) water Kale, who lives in a watery and wet.

Of Agriculture Organic is a new form of exit benefits faced by farmers who are facing a deadlock with respect to the rise of some of the synthetic intervention on agriculture today's world. Can be seen, starting from fertilizers, insecticides, growth stimulants, has been entirely made ​​of some material that is synthesized from pure compounds (usually organic un) in the laboratory. Organic farming can provide protection to the environment and conservation of resources which can not be renewed, make improvements quality of agricultural agen bola products, agriculture product supply to protect its price is relatively stable, and has the objective to fulfill the needs of life as well as to the desirability of the market.
Cultivation technology
1. Seed

Breeding crop land kale can be done in a way that is generative of seeds or by vegetative means with stem cuttings. Land kale can be propagated by seed. For an area of ​​one acre is required benihsekitar 10 kg. Varieties which suggested that Silk varieties or local varieties that have adapted.

2. Preparation Place

Place first dug as deep as 20-30 cm so loose, then made ​​beds stretching from West to East in order to obtain the full beam. The good seedbed width agent judi poker situs poker online teraman dan terpercaya Indonesia of 100 cm, height 30 cm and a length equal circumstances. The distance between beds + 30 cm. Places that acidic (low pH) do liming with calcite or dolomite lime.